Beer, Sex and Travel: Part One

How on earth do these three topics go together?

In my life, I tend to find that these subjects are always talked about on numerous levels and sometimes all at the same time. Besides being hot topics, they are the resounding themes in my life (besides some strange form of enlightenment and making people do absurd activities). So instead of holding this wealth of knowledge all to myself I plan on sharing it with anyone who is willing to read.

I’d like to take moment to go a little more in-depth on each topic because it’s not just as simple as three little words (though anything defined by 3 words is usually way more complex due to the fact that we are humans and as a race like to make the simple pleasures/concepts way too drama filled).

Beer: I love beer. It wasn’t always this way. I grew up going to parties out in the woods and fields of upstate New York. Pickup tricks, bonfires, and cases of the Beast(Old Milwaukee’s Best). Remember buying it at Rite-Aid for $6? The cardboard case was the  “bomb shelter” of beer cases and doubled as almost indestructible seating for a night of drunkenness.

Yes, I drank beer under the age of 21 but that’s a posting for another day. Besides, there was nothing else to do. When you’re surrounded by farms and cows and the most exciting thing to do on a Saturday night was either:

  • Go to the movies.
  • Play mini-golf or go sledding.
  • IF you had a driver’s license AND a car, go cruise up and down Gennesee St. and stop at Carmella’s or Cavallo’s.

Sitting by a bonfire getting poop faced and having a good laugh at the other idiots you’re drinking with seemed like such a better idea. It’s when I chalked my license so I could drink at the bars (not necessary for many of them in 1994) that I started to drink better beers like Killian’s and Labatt’s (horray Canada!).

Beer at first was just a means to an end. Look at what I was drinking! Now we will fast forward to 2001, the year I was introduced to micro-brews. It changed everything. My friend, Steve, and I started drinking beer at Empire Brewing in Syracuse, NY. We had decided to move to Denver. One fateful night while drinking beers we noticed plaques on the walls. This brewery had won medals at an event called The Great American Beer Fest in Denver. WHAT?! This was to be a warning: once you enter the land of micro brewery heaven, forever will it change your destiny.

Beer…you may get reviews of breweries and beers, beer halls and bars, and other news involving beer. Or you may get a story that is absurd because the circumstances were caused by consumption of large quantities of beer by me. All 130 lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal. Which leads me to the next topic…

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