Beer, Sex, and Travel: Part Three

My travel companion: Amber

Part Two would have been posted much sooner if wasn’t shagging this handsome young man who will be moving next week to Wisconsin. I’m taking a night off from ripping his clothes off so you get more of me! Besides, all this sex-ercise is giving me the abdominal workout of the year (at least for 2011). I’m fit, but being 7 years older than him is giving me a run for my money. It’s still way fun and I am enjoying every minute!

Anyhoots, onwards and upwards…into the wild blue yonder!

Traveling has been in my blood for probably my whole life if not longer. My parents met during the Vietnam War, were married, and suddenly the stork dropped off my elder brothers and I. Before mom gave birth to me, my family went to Thailand (my mom is Thai, my dad was stationed there). My parents were always taking us somewhere even if it was just to the Adirondacks to camp for the weekend. If you read the About page, then you know my love for NYC at the age of 12. I’ve always been a wandering soul.

Unfortunately, up until a few years ago, most of my wandering has been only in the US and parts of Canada (yipee! Canada!). Long story short: September 2007 I was married in Greece (marriage + me = bad idea). I LOVED Greece!!! I had a 6 hour layover in London and saw everything I possibly could. February 2008 I was in the rainforest of Belize. March 2009 I was in Belize again then hopped over to Costa Rica. The worst year ever was 2010 because I didn’t leave the country. In October 2010 was the decision that my big butt was making it out of the country for 2011 and every year after that. Heck, I have a passport and it is nowhere close to being filled.

Where am I going in 2011? Ah! Good of you to ask. Prague for a week, then Paris for a week starting at the end of August. My traveling partner: Amber. Her goal is to get shagged in a castle while we’re there and see everything Mozart. Everyone has to have goals in life.

My goals: drink good beer, see as much of the cities as I can and blend in, and maybe get shagged….but those are my goals for almost every trip I go on. Except for the trips that are specifically booty calls but those are stories for another day.

Traveling is like breathing. I have to do it or else I will die (or become a raging bitch, which no one wants to see).

Welcome to my journey and hopefully you get some good laughs from the stories if nothing else!

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