Avant Peche by Odell Brewery

It’s been a crazy busy 2 weeks for me. Besides working (yes, I do have a steady job that affords me odd times of the day where I’m doing nothing) I have been on quite the roll of socialite behaviour. Plays, baseball games, concerts, opera, tutu gatherings, cruiser nights, and general mischief with friends has kept me from my laptop and you, the reader.

As I sit and write to you, I’m drinking Avant Peche by Odell Brewery.  I’ve had some fruity beers, but this one is mighty interesting. Peaches were added, it was aged in oak barrels, then aged in oak barrels WITH peaches. Which gives it a very peachy head and true peach flavor. Not a canned-peaches-way-too-sweet flavor. It’s 9.5%, so it’s on the hefty side yet doesn’t give you the feeling, when you taste, it that it’s high on ABV. The roasted chocolate malt flavor of porters is a side note to the peach, though others may say the peach is. It’s kinda light, so if you like the darker beers but feel like you kinda want a Hefe, this is a good middle man. It’s $16 of dark summer love in 750ml. Personally, I think it’s mad tasty, so give it shot, grab your brown bag, and drink it in the park!

Na Zdrowie!

If I were Polish, I'd say smaczny!

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