Pain and Pleasure

Pain is a way our bodies tell us there is a stimulus affecting us.

Pleasure is another way our bodies tell us there is a stimulus affecting us.

Sometimes the lines between these get blurred and we get to choose an outcome. Pain or pleasure? Why not both? Can pain cause pleasure and vice versa?


When one stimulus overrides another, we tend to feel the stronger. Yet, what if you were to train your mind to be able to switch that stronger stimulus into something else? How cool would that be? It would be like having a super power! Which, I’m already a super heroine so here’s my spiel:

When a little child falls down, they’re on the brink of tears. They feel pain. Child looks at you for confirmation of pain and permission to cry therefore getting attention. Some of us do the “shake it off…you’re ok” which can work pretty well. Even using it on an adult works really well. This weekend, I was the subject of such an event.

Denver Cruisers is an event where people go cruising around the town en masse on their bicycles stopping at designated bars and the ever fun Circle of Death. Oh yes! It’s high speed bicycling fun in a large circle and people try to cross it to get to the action in the middle. It’s like a tornado of bikes. Rides happen on Wednesdays and Sundays. Wednesdays are the themed nights where you can dress up and this week’s is cops and robbers. Sundays are more mellow and more focused on longer rides. This past Sunday was my first time attending the Sunday ride. Little did I know what awaited me.

Which just so happened to be a speed skater who knocked me off my bike.

As I started to fall, I knew it was going to hurt. Falling always hurts, no matter what speed you’re going. My left shoulder and knee took the brunt of it and my hands got scrapped up but not too bad (I was going to buy biking gloves that day but decided to not. Doh!). The 50 other Cruisers stopped and asked if I was ok. Shocked and bleeding, I moved my ankles and arms, felt my body a bit and decided there was nothing broken. Score! The skater was a man in his 50’s. He pushed his way through the crowd and said, ” Are you ok? You should look behind you when you bike…” and then walked away. Wow…what a butt wipe.

My only thoughts were:

  • “Ouch, my body hurts…”
  • “What a douche! He’s lucky I wasn’t one of the millions of little kids playing in this park.”
  • “Shake it off, T.”

Which I did shake it off, get on my bike, and ride with everyone else to our last destination. Everyone at the ride was super nice and supportive, getting the confirmation that I’m a true Denver Cruiser now because I spilled some of my blood on the ride. I could still feel aches settling in and after an hour of hanging out I decided to head home for a hot shower and the impending pain of cleaning wounds.

I won’t bore you with details, but I did end up doing something quite naughty before hitting the shower. Let me just say, when you can’t be with the one you lust, you can still do it over video chat on Skype! It was just what the doctor should have ordered. As things got more heated, the more I didn’t notice the pain. Even afterwards, as I jumped in the shower, warm water burning my abrasions with a rainbow of pain, I chose to feel the ecstasy of an orgasm come and gone. Even though I wanted to yell in pain, I wanted to moan in pleasure more, so I did neither (at midnight, I don’t think my neighbor would have appreciated it). I chose pleasure over pain and the pain just heightened the pleasure.

I let go.

I'm such a bad ass in a plaid bra!

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