Wandering Prague

Oh Baby!

Oh Baby!

It’s hard to believe that three days have passed. I could try to describe all the places we’ve been to but that would be on the level of J.R.R Tolkien. You are totally not getting that because I have beer to drink a city to run amuck in. What I will write is a run down of things you should definitely see in Prague. And maybe a story…
These won’t be in any particular order. If I say you should see it, that means it was freaking awesome. Like sharks with lasers on their heads. Or pizza growing on vines.

  • St Vitus Cathedral: to say it was stunning in it’s size, architecture, stained glass, and ornamentation is almost an insult. They also have pizza growing on vines and Jesus doing “jazz hands”. Buy the short tour which includes St Vitus, the Old Royal Palace, the Basilica of St George, and the Golden Lane. Only two of those make the 250 kourna ($15) worth it.
  • The Golden Lane: hobbit houses. It’s where the soldiers use to be quartered inside the castle walls. The row is now shops and some historic setting (like a soldiers quarters or the tavern) but if you see a door that’s unmarked, go in if you can. We stumbled onto the upper level of the row which is filled with suits of armor, weapons, and a crossbow shooting range. Yes. For 50 kourna ($3), you too can shoot a crossbow! We also stumbled on a lower level that had an apothecary’s quarters. Very awesome.
  • The Royal Gardens: if you need to escape the throngs of people at Prague Castle, hop over to the Royal Gardens. They’re much quieter and you get to see Prague’s new orangery and the Royal Summer House. Note: the guards for the Castle and Gardens are way hot.
  • The random art installations: they are EVERYWHERE. if you see random humungous babies, a weird giant wooden smurf, or slanting steps with strange humanesque statues stop and check it out. Prague is full of culture. Walk around, especially off the beaten path, and you actually get to see it. Walking along the river path is an excellent idea especially since you can hop to one of the tiny islands in the river.
  • St Charles Bridge: during the day it’s filled with tourists and vendors trying to get your kourna with all sorts of cochkies or jewelry. You can see the multitude of statues. But at night, that’s the place to be (Per Amber. I might get there tonight if the rain stops.) because the locals hang there.
  • Astrological Clock: go here early in the morning. Humans are rude, especially when they’re tourists en masse. Old Town seems to teem with tourists around 11am.
  • Mucha/Dali Exhibit: if you like one of these artists, its worth the visit.
  • Estate Theatre: this is where Don Giovanni was performed for the first time ever by Mozart. If you like the opera, seriously, spend the money and get a box seat. We were classy bitches and had one. Well worth the money especially if you’re almost directly in front of the stage. It’s amazingly beautiful in blue and golden gilt.
  • Sedlec Ossuary in Kunta Hora: 40,000 skeletons decorating a church because they couldn’t throw the bones away when the cemetery became full. It’s worth the 184 kourna to get a round trip train ticket and 60 kourna to tour it. Make it a 1/2 day trip because it takes an hour to get there.

Those are my picks so far. Updates coming soon along with restaurants and beer.
Na Zdravií!

2 thoughts on “Wandering Prague

  1. Glad to find out you made it to Kunta Hora! I’ve been wondering since we spoke about it at the Thin Man. I bicycled past you last night, but I realized it too late and wanted to know if you made it. So I found your website and I’m so glad to see you did!

    • Excellent! Amber and I had mentioned while there how fortunate it was that we bumped into you that night. Thanks for reading and finding me!

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