Denver Bicycle Cafe

Mike, my bike, and tools...beautiful tools.

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve written so I figured the best way to jump back in the saddle is to write about some of the things I love: beer, bikes, and coffee. What better place to talk about than Denver Bicycle Cafe!

It’s become my new obsession. Seriously.

The concept is beautiful in it’s simplicity. Beer. Bicycles. Coffee. They’re open from 6am – 8pm except for Thursday through Saturday which is 6am – 9pm. Which means, on your way to work you can stop in for coffee and get your flat tire fixed so you can bike the rest of the way. OR on your way back from work, you can grab a beer and have the bike mechanic do that much needed tune up. For a classy broad like me, such service is paramount.

The beer: it’s all Colorado, baby! Oh yeah!! They have 6 taps that rotate, which means you never quite know when a different beer is going on. The other option is cans. Yep, cans. Colorado cans. Avery, Boulder Beer, New Belgium, Oskar Blues, Steamworks, Ska, Upslope, and Wynkoop. They are all here. It makes my beer nipples perk up with excitement! If beer isn’t your fancy, they have wine too.

The coffee and tea: If you haven’t guessed, it’s Colorado again! Pablo’s coffee beans and Wystone’s Tea. If you don’t know Pablo’s, then you are definitely missing out. Wystone’s is a new company to Denver but their teas smell so amazing. I know a thing or two about herbs…and these peeps are the real deal. The Earl Grey and chamomile make my knees weak.

The bicycles: besides the fact that you can get a tune up, ladies, the bike mechanic is pretty cute. I’m just saying! Mike is the Yoda of bikes. Guys, you can totally geek out with him on bikes of all kinds. Mike has been screwing around with bikes ever since he was a kid. He’s been a certified mechanic for 5 years now but has many more years of professionally working on bicycles. His favorite bike company: Surly.

The food: tasty and local. The pie (honestly, in the right mood it could be considered foreplay, at least for me…) and the burritos are mad tasty. There’s usually an assortment of bagels and tamales along with big pretzels for those beer drinkers. If all you want are some chips and salsa, they can fill that need too! None of that sounds good? Then you can order food from Pasquini’s and they’ll deliver it to you in the cafe.

The atmosphere: exposed brick, wood, metal and good lighting. You can sit at the bar, on the couches, at your own table, or at the community table. The employees are super friendly and the music isn’t annoyingly loud. You can actually have a conversation without yelling or feeling bad that you’re disturbing the people staring at their laptops. Right now, there’s seems to be alot of locals coming in but I have a feeling once the summer rolls around, this place is going to be packed with bicyclists of all sorts especially on the outdoor patio. It’s only a block away from the bike lane on 16th Avenue so it makes for a great pit stop.

Whether you’re hopping off the #20 east bound bus, riding your bicycle, walking by, or even driving, you need to check this place out.


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