The Road to Enlightenment Was Never Smooth 1.5

January 20, 2012

I’m stubborn. Sometimes to a fault. Which some days makes me wonder if I keep living this gypsy, couch-hopping lifestyle because I’m not willing to let it beat me.

Yup. Somedays this lifestyle sucks.

Usually it’s my own fault and it boils down to time. Of which it seems to slip from me quickly or ends up in endeavors that ultimately are a waste of my time. Like dating… right. Sometimes it has to do with the weather. My bike is my main mode of transport besides the bus or the occasional good deed of a friend giving me a lift. Let me tell you, biking on wet snow and ice is not like skiing. Sometimes I really want to just lay in bed all day and ponder the universe. Can’t…no bed to speak of.

Anyhoots, when I started this endeavor I read a bunch of minimalist sites. I am not going to claim to be a minimalist. I try hard to do with less, to not waste, to be aware. But if you said I could live like one of King Louis XIV mistress’, I’d take it in a heart beat. Who wouldn’t want to live in a palace like Versailles just for shagging the king?!

July 23, 2012

Seven months later, yes, I still would live in Versailles for the price of shagging a king. At least for a short time. Sometimes the cage isn’t physical. It’s our mind that is the cage.

About a year has passed since I started out on this journey. I’ve learned alot. Way more than I ever thought I would. I’ll highlight those later along with the other stories of bad behavior I have.

I think the over-arching theme of all of this experience has been…we all want to connect in our own ways. Connect to each other. Whether it’s stories about beer, sex, travel, or bitching about the same person we all want to to connect. We all want to feel that thing we call connection(love, like, whatever…even if we like to think of it as hate or dislike) we want a common denominator.

Again, this summer I’m broken. More than last year. My sternum is fractured and I’m basically laid up until it heals. I’m pushed out of my own box again which made me think, “Really? I’m not open enough? WTF, Universe?!?” Now, some peeps have suggested that I need to learn compassion or open my heart to mankind or some other form of new age bullshit. I don’t think these people know exactly who I am. What I DO think is that the Universe has been trying to make me think on a multi-level system above and beyond what I already think. I didn’t get the message of the nice 2×4 to the ass last year. This year it cracked me straight in the sternum and boy, did I hear it. And feel it.

BTW, did I ever mention how much I appreciate painkillers? If I haven’t, it’s because I never had a reason to.

Yep, and somedays life fucking sucks big ass dinosaur balls.

But you have to grab your boot straps, pull ’em up, and go out there and do the best you can. Just because your life sucks ass doesn’t mean you’re allowed to pull everyone down with you. We’re all part of the greater whole. We all effect each other whether we know it or not. From our nearest and dearest to someone on the other side of the world. Our vibration alone changes our perception and others’ perceptions.

I’m going to go finish this bottle of wine and vibrate at a slower pace (aka sleep). Version 2.0 to come…

Live fiercely. Love fiercely.