A failed attempt with good beer

I failed. It’s. It’s not so bad.

I meant to catch a beer at the Tailor and the Cook. I arrived about an hour too late. Ohps.

So now I’m at someplace I think is called the Green Onion. Why did I stop there? Well, Utica is not on the road to awesome so when you’re here, you take what you get. On a Thursday night at midnight, this is what I got. It looked like some hipster-esque peeps were outside. Being a Denverite, I usually find that hipsters = good dive bars.

As far as good beer goes, this place seems to be a nice little late night oasis lacking in under age drinkers. It can’t be all bad since the Duchess is on tap, right? They seem to have a pretty decent selection on tap: Ommegang, Utica Club, Dogfish Head, Green Flash…and a few others that I haven’t tried. There’s a Dale’s Pale Ale sign on the wall next to an Ithaca Beer Co sign. There some odd pictures and other things hanging on the walls (a blow fish blown up, alligator head, a 12 point deer head, and Tiffany lamps). The bartenders seem pretty friendly and can apparently make a pretty damn good Old Fashioned.

There’s even a bottle/bomber list that’s pretty good. Some one here actually likes good beer and variety. As I’m writing that last sentence, I see a Pliny the Elder bottle on a shelf with a bunch of other beer bottles and books. Maybe this place is better than I think.

I think it’s probably better than you think too.

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