Abstinence, Beer, and a Return to the Simple Life

It's gonna be a long 3 months.

It’s gonna be a long 3 months.

Though I’ve been silent, my life has not been quiet.

After dating a guy for 2 months and telling him I wasn’t getting what I needed from the relationship, I went on one date. ONE DATE. Besides meeting him (we’ll call him Simon), we went on just ONE DATE. After this one date with Simon, he tells me he can’t date me anymore because: “You don’t bring me closer to God.”


Apparently he didn’t have sex with you…said my best friend ever after I told him the story. What does a girl do when faced with enough dating debacles to fill a book? This woman decided it was time for a much-needed break. It’s been about 3 months since the last date and any sort of shenanigans. That is a very long time for this gypsy. Okay…so maybe there was one date…I don’t think it really deserves a date status. When a man shows up on your doorstep dressed monochromatic in burgundy, it’s hard to take him seriously. Therefore, I seriously don’t think it deserves date status. Anyhoots, I digress.

In the absence of men, the hole was filled with beer. Beautiful stouts were generously poured over the month of February due to one of my favorite places: Vine Street Pub and Brewery. The Boulder based business Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery has its rays of love shining on Denver from Vine Street. And with that love comes Stout Month. Let me tell you, there are few things more beautiful in a pub than to see about 80% of the taps being stouts. With an extensive list of stouts and special ones being tapped on certain days, it made this gypsy constantly check facebook for beer updates.

Extensive list of stouts means that they not only had their own in-house stouts, but also a nice selection of guest stouts rotating pretty quickly. Like 45 minutes to tap out the keg. One of the nicest features of Stout Month this year was the increase in bourbon barrel aged stouts and the winner of this year’s homebrew challenge The Kraken, an English Stout with Kraken Black Rum-infused oak spirals.

I also got around to dipping into my own stash of beers during my hiatus. To name a few of the beers that gave their life for me:

  • Ommegang Brewery – Rare Vos 
  • Dogfish Head – Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew (ale brewed with honey and gesho)
  • Unibroue – Blanche de Chambly (White ale on lees brewed with coriander and orange peels)
  • Russian River Brewing Co. – Pliny the Elder
  • Avery Brewing Co. – Uncle Jacob’s Stout (at a hefty 17.42%ABV it literally kicked my butt)
  • My dear friend, Brian’s mint chocolate stout (sorry Vine Street, his is better)

Now that Stout Month is over, what does a single girl do when coming off a dating hiatus? Maybe plot for adventures to Turkey…in a hot tub.

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