Rule #1:Drastically Different Religious Beliefs

Me: “I still don’t get it. Why?”

Him: “When we were sitting at Stueben’s, God was screaming in my head that I shouldn’t talk to you unless it was about Him.”

That was the last time I saw Jake as he walked out my door without shoes on and half-dressed last December 4th.

Because dating is soooo easy, it gets only better when the person you’re dating has a drastically different religious background from you. I highly recommend it. I don’t know why he just didn’t understand that we were a perfect match even though he was seriously Christian and probably a Republican. During a serious make out session, he stops and the let down went like this:

Him: “I can’t date you anymore.”
Me: “Why?”
Him after a seriously long pause that made me wonder if he was dying with a non-catchy terminal disease: “You don’t bring me closer to God.”
Me: *Blink. Blink. Blllliiiinnnnk….* “…what? Wait. What do mean?”

This is where the story began.

Maybe I should have taken into account that he was 22 and I was 36.

So about 9 months later, I get a text from him. This was the most romantic thing a guy has ever sent me. You should DEFINITELY do this to win a woman’s heart back:

He’s such a gentleman.

That sounds like a GREAT idea!!!

Not really. Thanks for playing the Worst Dating Advice Ever!

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