Rule #2: Spite is Sexy

After every New Year’s, it seems I get a barrage of messages from old suitors trying to regain the spark. For the turn of 2012 to 2013, there was no competition about who would get the award for best shot. On January 4th (seems to be a magic number for me) I received an email that put all doubt out of my mind. There were no words. Just photos. I would put little black boxes over the eyes to protect the innocent but let’s not kid ourselves…no one is innocent here.

The guy in the blue is who I dated for about 2 months. I’m not sure why I broke up with him because every girl wants to be neglected, unsupported, and told she’s crazy. I always lose the good ones.

Seeing this just sparked the fires of passion for me all over again! Guys, seriously…if you lost your woman this is DEFINITELY the way to get her back. She is going to be beating down your door!

Who is he kissing?

Who is he kissing?

Do you think he’d take me back?


Thanks for playing the Worst Dating Advice Ever!!

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