Joshua Tree: The Planning Continues

I’m going cross-eyed.

Why does it seem like it’s impossible to find the info I want on the internet? I should have taken that stupid class in college back in 1995 about how to search efficiently. Hitting my face on a stripper stage on Halloween doesn’t help with that crossed-eye thing either (yes, the stupidest things do happen to me, no lie).

Kids, heed my words. When you were told not to slap someone on the back of the head while their eyes were crossed because they might stay that way…I seriously think there’s something to that now. No joke.

Anyhoots, it’s looking like there will be multiple plans and I need to be okay with all of them. By okay, I mean that I won’t feel like I’m wussing out not matter which one gets implemented. Knowing your limits and actually using them is important. The desert is less forgiving than Colorado and there is little that can be done in the middle of nowhere with limited supplies. It doesn’t help that apparently there’s not a lot of info on biking TO the park. Just biking IN the park.

According to what is starting to look like Plan A, the route in to the park and back out again will be just over 150 miles total. From Palm Springs, to the southern entrance, to either the Ryan or White Tank Campground, up to Joshua Tree and down to Palm Springs, I’m in for quite the ride. That does not count the miles I will be biking to get to cool shit in the park. That is just the commute.

All you hardcore cyclists might be laughing at me. 150 miles? P’shaw! That’s nothing! I am not a hardcore cyclist and I will have the weight of camping gear too. As much as I might train before I go, it’s still going to be a challenge. The only consolation I have is my own determination and not being ashamed to go slow.

Plan B: to go the hardest way from Palm Springs up to the town of Joshua Tree. Forty miles up a very long steep hill. A hill with about 4000 feet of elevation.

Plan C: to take the bus from Palm Springs to Joshua Tree and then bike around and back down either the way I came or taking the southern route.

Plan D: if it’s too cold in the park(it could happen) then I’m biking my happy little ass to either San Diego or Los Angeles and becoming a beach bum. Which sounds awesome.

Plan E: change my flight and do Joshua Tree for a few days then meet up with the new bf in San Diego. Yes, I said it. Boyfriend. It kinda freaks me out but I’m calm all at the same time. That’s not the topic though.

The past week of negative weather in Colorado has definitely made me lazy and made it hard to be motivated to practice packing. Maybe 3 pairs of underroos? One skirt and capris? 2 pairs of socks? Winter jacket or just a crap ton of layers? It’s looking like the weather is going to be upper 70s and into the 90s but in the 50s at night. That’s going to be such a welcome change.

My roommate says she has a solar charger which will come in super handy. That means I can sing along as I bike! Woo hoo!!! Serious…it’s my favorite entertainment for long rides. My best friend from high school and I would sing songs when we walked to each other’s houses. It helped on those long dark stretches of road.

And I’m sure it’ll scare off any chupacabra.

The big question is: do I bring the violin?

2 thoughts on “Joshua Tree: The Planning Continues

  1. while the storage and care for an instrument on a trip like this is significant. the better question should be, would you ever forgive yourself the missed opportunity of fiddling at the dawn next to a Joshua tree?

    • Now that I’m back, I’m actually glad I didn’t bring the violin. It would have been pretty bad ass for sure, but the extra weight would have killed me.

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