Things I’ve Learned

So it’s the last night, I’m sitting at the Czech Inn again (happy!!!) and thinking about the past 15 days. What have I learned?
A. Not everyone is on the same trip and that’s ok. We all are looking for different things in life, so why wouldn’t we be looking for different things when on holiday? S’all good!
B. Every city has a different feel and it affects everyone differently. Praha was relaxed and groovy. Paris was up tight yet had lots of freedoms.
C. I LOVE Praha.
D. Making friends is easy once you hang out and relax. Unless you’re in Paris and then every guy just wants to shag you. Eww.
E. Having a good travel companion is HIGHLY important (that is if you choose to have one). Easy going and being able to laugh are important.
F. It’s ok to separate from your travel companion for chances of time. Seriously, it’s like being married. Time apart can be really awesome especially if you have different travel ideas.
G. Make sure you buy the proper metro tickets. Fines seriously suck.
H. Don’t try to make your last night the best night ever. If it’s meant to happen, it will. But it’s also good to chill and be ready for traveling the next day.
I. You might meet someone you didn’t expect and they might just sweep you off your feet. Literally. Tee-hee!
So yeah, it was a great trip with ups and downs, crazy Aussies, dancing Frenchmen, hot Germans, lots of awesome food, good pivo and wine, but most of all the experience of a lifetime.
I’ll write more once I’m rested and back in the States. Writing on my iPhone is a serious pain in the ass.
Live fiercely! Love fiercely!