Ghosts, Ships, and Aliens, OH MY!

“You’re going where? Boy, you sure are trying to figure something out aren’t you?”

That’s what my good friend Drew said to me upon hearing that I was biking to Joshua Tree National Park. If anyone else said that, I would just shrug it off. Coming from Drew…I had to know what he was thinking.

“You’re going to a place that has a very high amount of paranormal activity. You may want to check that out (as he giggles).”

Joshua Tree has been on my list for years. I’m excited to finally go.

“I’m not surprised. Of course you pick a place that has a lot of energy. And of course you’re going for your 38th birthday.”


As much as I appreciate all the intel I’ve been getting from people, there’s a part of me that’s getting scared. Besides the insane amount of elevation that I’ll be trying to bike up with probably an extra 30 – 40┬álbs of camping weight, there’s a wind farm on the southern edge of the park. Uphill, wind, and extra weight. All the things I love most! Note: sarcasm.

To top that, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY! I had no clue. Apparently there is an amazing amount of ghosts, aliens, and other odd things going on in the Mojave Desert. Like rocks that mysteriously move. Or how about a Spanish ship from the 1600’s that is buried somewhere out there with a poop ton of pearls. Or the countless stories of people seeing UFOs. Or chupacabras. Or a ghost of an old man in clothes from the turn of the 20th century riding his bike down the middle of the road. If the ride didn’t make me nervous enough, the idea that I’ll be camping with ghosts and aliens sure does.

I could have a completely uncomplicated, easy trip. I could be scared poopless every night in my tent waiting for sunrise. I could be abducted by aliens and found wandering naked on the roadside talking about radiators and space travel. Wait a second…naw…that was just a night of too much gin. Hee hee!

Seriously though, I can be quite the scaredy cat. Horror movies are not on my list of things to watch because they screw with my head. The last time I watched one was 10 years ago. It was the Ring. I couldn’t walk by a tv or computer screen without getting freaked out for months. Forget about sitting in front of one. It made working in an accounting department very hard. (Yes, I used to be an accounting clerk in another life.)

This trip keeps getting more and more interesting. I have a feeling that I might find myself being super tight with the ranger service. They’ll let scared, lone, cute cyclists stay in the their bunk house, right?

Yeah…probably not.