Utica Club

Tonight is another Denver Cruiser Ride night. I am dressed in my finest white trash trailer park clothes with rollers, shower cap, and racially different babies in tow. If you didn’t guess, that’s the theme. Now that I’m out of work, I’m sitting at The Interstate Bar waiting for Phillip (aka the best partner in crime for me ever that is totally platonic) drinking a Utica Club and munching on deviled eggs and a pulled pork slider.

If you’ve never had a Utica Club, well…you’re not missing much. It’s a NY state thing that stays mostly upstate, aka Central New York (CNY). So to find it in Denver, almost 2000 miles away from the city (Utica) that had the 4th worst municipal water in the United States at one time, feels like a hug from a stranger in an elevator.

I’m drinking it mostly for the novelty tonight. It speaks to me of bonfires, trucks, and lots of laughter. It is brewed by The West End Brewing Company in Utica, NY. Their mascots are Schultz and Dooley, beer steins of a German and an Irishman thus showing the influence of these immigrants to the area. On the can it says, “First beer sold in the United States after prohibition”. From all my memory, I count this as true since the brewery survived that horrible period by making soda instead. Don’t trust me on that. I did the tour once when I was 5 years old and then at 25. This beer has been in my memory since day one. Even though its not exceptional by any means, it’s one I will drink with very fond memories.


Just a Shorty

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written. Life’s been a bit busy with a hurt shoulder, changing jobs temporarily, and phasing out of my current career slowly so my shoulder can heal thus letting me eventually get back to it. In the mean time, I have been drinking a nice assortment of 22s.

Argonaut Liquors has a very nice selection of bigger bottled beer aka the 22. The warmer weather of summer that has finally hit Denver has turned my stout drinking ways to lighter beers such as strong ales, wits, and (oddly) pilsners. These are the few lovelies that I shared with my friend, Phillip. The Chimay Triple and Unibroue Ephemere were snuck into the movie theatre and enjoyed while watching X-Men: First Class. The La Trappe Dubbel and Avery’s Reverend were drank as we both worked on projects late into the evening while watching Eddie Izzard.

I’ll just say, they were all tasty. The Ephemere is amazingly apple tasting and light but The Reverend brought me to my knees, it was my favorite.

Unfortunately, life is tearing me away on an errand, but have no fear…I shall return.

I *heart* 22s!

Until then, live fiercely!